Getting to Know…Terri Byerly

Terri Byerly

At Infinity Realty Group, we get you because we are you. We’re your neighbors. Our kids go to practice with your kids. We go to the same restaurants and are members at the same gym. You may know us as best as your local real estate agents, but here’s your chance to learn a little bit more about our team with our “Getting to Know You” series.

Today, let’s get to know Terri Byerly!

What’s your favorite place in NH?

My favorite place in New Hampshire is the mountains. There’s just something about going up there that makes me feel better. I spent a lot of time there as a kid, and I think that probably has something to do with it. We would go skiing, hiking—my father really wanted us all to hike the 4,000-footers. And I really didn’t enjoy hiking a mountain because it was hard work, but I loved the smell of the trees, and it was family time. There’s just something about it. No matter what time of year you go it’s beautiful—it’s a peaceful, happy place. I went twice this fall alone.

Tell me about a weird family tradition.

I don’t know how this started, and it’s only my husband’s side of the family that we do it with, but since the kids were small we have had this thing that, when it’s your birthday, you have have to “kill the cake.” So, when you go to cut the cake, you have to take the knife and drive it straight down into the center like you’re killing it before you can actually cut it into slices. It started in my immediate family when my kids were small, and now the grandparents do it, the aunts do it, the adults do it, the kids do it. 

What motivates you to work hard?

What motivates me to work hard in real estate is the fact that I’m working for someone else and this is the biggest investment of their life. Nobody buys anything that costs more than a home. I try to do my best for others, and in this case, that’s my job—that’s what I’m supposed to be doing. What I do matters and I get as excited or more excited for them when something goes right and I get upset when something goes wrong. 

I have a master’s degree in education and one of the reasons why I wanted to be a teacher was that I wanted to help kids. And so, for me, this is along those same lines. I’m helping someone else and that makes me happy. And, I think when you love what you do, you do really well at it. And I’m fortunate enough that I’m able to do this.

What do you listen to during your commute?

I listen to the radio sometimes, I’m really into classic rock, but I mostly listen to podcasts. I love to listen to true crime podcasts. Crime Junkie is my favorite. I just like the way Brit and Ashley play off of each other and how well Ashley researches her stuff.

I think what I find the most interesting about true crime is the way that people think that’s so different from the way I think—it’s fascinating. The stuff that they come up with on both sides—first the criminal trying to get away with it, and then the investigators trying to figure out who did it, how, and why. I think in another life I was a detective because I like to get down to the meat of things and figure it out. Also, I feel like I’m learning something. 

Where’s the next place on your bucket list?

I want to go to Australia and New Zealand. I’m interested in the variety of the landscape, the fact that it’s culturally so different from here. From here, it’s the other side of the world and that’s fascinating, too. I would want to visit the cities, but I’d also want to visit the outback. My husband and I go on vacation every five years by ourselves, so for our 30th we’d love to do it, but we’ll have a kid in college!

What’s your favorite thing about real estate?

My favorite thing is my clients. I always feel like when closing happens, it’s a break up because, during the time that we work together, I feel like I get really close and I get to know them, they get to know me. I’ve never had a client that I don’t love. I’ve been very fortunate thus far in my career. To be constantly appreciated and to be constantly thanked when you are working hard for someone—because we do—is huge for me. There’s nothing about this job that I don’t enjoy. I feel like I was born to be a real estate agent, and here I am. 

Terri Byerly is an experienced, compassionate Realtor licensed in New Hampshire and is currently working toward obtaining her Massachusetts license as well.

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